日時:Apr 12(Fri.) 14:00-15:00
場所:Work shop at CCS
講演者: Tamar Friedmann (University of Rochester)
タイトル:Reclassification of the hadron spectrum that led to some intriguing connections with lattice QCD 
日時:Feb 8(Fri.) 14:30-17:00
場所:Work shop room at CCS
講演者: Prof. Shinya Aoki (Tsukuba) Assoc. prof. Noriyoshi Ishii (Tsukuba) Prof. Testuo Hatsuda(Rikenn) (Tsukuba) 
タイトル: 格子QCDと核力の出会い(青木) 時間相関と空間相関(石井) 各力研究の歴史と展望(初田)
日時:Jan 18(Fri.) 14:00-15:00
場所:Meeting room A at CCS
講演者: Yutaka Yoshida (KEK)
タイトル: Non-Abelian Localization for Supersymmetric Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons Theories on Seifert Manifold

We derive non-Abelian localization formulae for supersymmetric Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons theory with matters on a Seifert manifold M, which is the three-dimensional space of a circle bundle over a two-dimensional Riemann surface \Sigma, by using the cohomological approach introduced by Kallen. We find that the partition function and the vev of the supersymmetric Wilson loop reduces to a finite dimensional integral and summation over classical flux configurations labeled by discrete integers. We also find the partition function reduces further to just a discrete sum over integers in some cases, and evaluate the supersymmetric index (Witten index) exactly on S^1x\Sigma. The index completely agrees with the previous prediction from field theory and branes. We discuss a vacuum structure of the ABJM theory deduced from the localization.

日時:Jan 11(Fri.) 14:00-15:00
場所:Work shop room at CCS
講演者:Shinya Matsuzaki (Kyoto Sangyo University)
タイトル: 125 GeV Techni-dilaton at the LHC

Techni-dilaton (TD) is predicted in walking technicolor, arising as a pseudo Nambu-Goldstone boson for the spontaneous breaking of the approximate scale symmetry triggered by the techni-fermion condensation. Hence the TD mass can be as light as 125 GeV consistently with the presently observed boson at the LHC. I will talk about the LHC TD signals at 125 GeV and show that they are favored by the currently available 125 GeV boson data and can be better than the standard model Higgs boson.

日時:12/18,19,21(Tue,Wed,Fri) 10:00
場所:Work shop room at CCS
講演者: Prof. Mihoko Nojiri (KEK)
タイトル: LHC 8TeVの成果と14TeVでの標準模型を越える物理

LHC実験は今年8TeVの重心系エネルギーで実験を開始しHiggs bosonと思われる粒子を発見するとともに超対称模型の粒子などに1TeV程度まで制限をつけました。Higgsの発見とその意味、標準模型の探索の結果をふまえて14TeV実験でターゲットとなる標準模型を越える物理について講義する。

日時:12/10(Mon) 15:00
場所:Meeting room A at CCS
講演者:Prof. Zoltan Fodor (Wuppertal)
タイトル:Lattice QCD at T=0 from the BMW collaboration

After a brief introduction some illustrative results of the collaboration are presented. Special emphasis is put on the runs with physical quark masses. Various issues of the computational resources are discussed.

日時:11/30(Fri) 14:00
場所:Meeting room A at CCS
講演者: Masazumi Honda (KEK)
タイトル: Numerical studies of the ABJM theory for arbitrary N at arbitrary coupling constant
日時:11/9(Fri) 14:00
場所:Meeting room A at CCS
講演者: Takeshi Morita (KEK)
タイトル: New states of gauge theories on a circle
日時:11/2(Fri) 14:00
場所:Work shop room  at CCS
講演者: Takashi Nakano (Kyoto Univ.)
タイトル: Chiral and deconfinement transitions in strong coupling lattice QCD

「The phase transition in QCD at finite temperature and/or quark chemical potential is one of the important topics in QCD. The QCD phase transition has two aspects, the chiral and deconfinement phase transitions. We investigate chiral and deconfinement transitions in the framework of the strong coupling lattice QCD at finite temperature and quark chemical potential. In this formulation, we clarify the Polyakov loop effect which is the order parameter of the deconfinement phase transition. The Polyakov loop is found to suppress the chiral condensate and to reduce the chiral transition temperature at zero chemical potential. The chiral transition temperature in this formulation roughly reproduces the Monte-Carlo results at strong-coupling region. We also investigate the Polyakov loop effects by comparing two approximation schemes, a Haar measure method (no fluctuation from the mean field) and a Weiss mean-field method (with fluctuations).」

日時:9/28(Fri) 14:00
場所:Work shop room at CCS
講演者: Jacob Finkenrath (University of Wuppertal)
タイトル: Mass reweighting in one and two flavor QCD
日時:7/6(Fri) 11:00
場所:Work shop room at CCS
講演者: Prof. Benjamin Svetitsky(Tel Aviv University)
タイトル: Looking for walking technicolor on the lattice
日時:6/22(Fri) 14:00
場所:Work shop room at CCS
講演者: Taro Kimura
タイトル: Aoki phases in staggered-Wilson fermions

「We investigate the parity-broken phase (Aoki phase) for staggered-Wilson fermions by using the Gross-Neveu model and the strong-coupling lattice QCD. In the both cases the gap equations indicate the parity-broken phase exists and the pion becomes massless on the phase boundaries. We also show we can take the chiral and continuum limit in the Gross-Neveu model by tuning mass and gauge-coupling parameters. This supports the idea that the staggered-Wilson fermions can be applied to the lattice QCD simulation by taking a chiral limit, as with Wilson fermions.」

日時:6/15(Fri) 14:00
場所:Meeting room A at CCS
講演者: Yasuyuki Hatsuda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
タイトル: Gluon scattering amplitudes via AdS/CFT
日時:5/25(Fri) 14:00
場所:Meeting room A at CCS
講演者: Yasuaki Hikida (Keio Univ.)
タイトル: Higher spin AdS_3 supergravity and its dual CFT
日時:5/11(Fri) 14:00
場所:Work shop room at CCS
講演者: Shinsuke Yoshida
タイトル: Recent developments in single transverse-spin asymmetry

「高エネルギーハドロン散乱過程、 とりわけ大きな運動量移行を含むQCDハード 過程は 漸近的自由性の恩恵により、核子構造のような複雑なQCDダイナミクスに対して 第一原理的な理解をもたらす点で興味深い研究対象である。 漸近的自由性の発見以降、摂動論的QCDの著しい発展によって、ハドロンの構造は より良く理解され、QCDは多くのハード過程に対して確固たる定量性を獲得する に至った。 しかし、陽子スピンの構成問題など高エネルギー実験で見いだされ、 現在でも未解決のままである問題も少なくない。 このようなQCDハード過程の未解決問題のひとつに、 横偏極陽子を用いたセミインクルーシブ過程(終状態に一つだけ粒子 をおさえる過程)における大きなシングルスピン非対称(SSA)がある。 実験で観測されるような大きなSSAは、多くのハード過程で成功を収めている パートン模型(+QCD補正)では全く再現できないため、 これを解決するような新たな枠組みを作ることが理論屋にとって大きな課題と なっている。 近年、大きなSSAの起源の解明という文脈で、TMD因子化とcollinear因子化の twist-3機構という 摂動論的QCDの新たな手法が注目を集めている。今回は、特に後者のcollinear因 子化のtwist-3機構 を中心に最近のSSA研究の発展について話す。」

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